Future Conference

The goal of a future conference is to draw collective future images through a participatory approach with different actors. For this purpose a holistic image should be generated and the focus should not be on problems or conflicts. The process can be compared with a roller coaster ride: starting with a retrospective, the actual state is considered. This is followed by the development of visions and goals. Finding a consensus is the key to this method, as well as the development of strategies and measures to achieve these goals. Moderation through these phases is essential. Boundaries are to be broken and new ideas are to be found. The goal is an action plan.

The ISÖ uses this method in the third phase of the project ‘Future scenarios of the assistance to the elderly in Schleswig-Holstein 2030/45′ and promises a realistic plan of action that will have a lasting impact on the situation of elderly help in Schleswig-Holstein.