The governing body

Society and Friends

Since the founding in 1987, the ISÖ – Institute for Social Ecology has been a non-profit organization ‘Social Ecological Society’ (German: “Sozialökologische Gesellschaft”). Association for the Promotion of Socio-Ecological Research and Education” (short form:” Sozialökologische Gesellschaft e.V. “). The Board of Management consists of Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka (Managing Director), PD Dr. Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn and Dr. Michaela Schwarzbach. Since October 2016 the “ISÖ – Institut für Sozialökologie gemeinnützige GmbH” took over the sponsorship of the Institute. The partners of the GmbH are Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka and the association “Sozialökologische Gesellschaft e.V.”


If you would like to support the aims of the ISÖ – Institute for Social Ecology and the Social Ecological Society, we are looking forward to a request for regular or sponsoring membership. Please write to the office at

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Donations and Legacies

The association of the ISÖ – Institute for Social Ecology, the Social Ecological Society, as well as the ISÖ as a non-profit organization for the promotion of research is recognized and can receive donations and legacies

Activity Reports

The activity reports are sent to the members of the sponsoring association.