Commitment through education – education through commitment

Period: 1995 – 1996

Funding: KBE – Catholic Federal Labor Union for Adult Education
Project management: Prof. Dr. Thomas Olk / Dr. Michael Opielka
Publications: Thomas Olk / Michael Opielka (with Gisela Jakob and Franz Hiss), commitment through education – education through commitment. The “Active Early Retirement” project of the KBE (edited by Bernhard Nacke), Würzburg: Erbter 1996

The research conducted by Dr. Michael Opielka and Prof. Dr. Thomas Olk to promote the engagement of early retirees was supported by the ISÖ on the work of Michael Opielka, which is part of the accompanying research of model programs of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs in cooperation with the Institute for social scientific analyzes and advice (ISAB) in Cologne and had led to widely regarded publications:
Joachim Braun / Michael Opielka, self-help through self-help contact points. Final report of the accompanying research on the model program “Information and support centers for self-help groups” commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Family and Senior Citizens, Vol. 14 of the BMFuS series, Stuttgart and co .: Kohlhammer 1992
Michael Opielka, Documentation of applications for the Senior Citizen ‘s Model Program, Volume 1: Documentation of applications, Volume 2: Initial situation of senior citizens’ offices, materials for the model program Senior Citizen’ s Office, Bonn: Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and Senior Citizens 1994