Childcare Salary 2000

Period: 1997 – 2001


Financing: German Work Group for Family Aids e.V., own resources
Project management: Dr. Christian Leipert, Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka
Employees: Dipl. Soz. Birgit Opielka, Petra Dicke (Managing Director) – with assistance from Volker Meinhardt, Johannes Schwarze (German Institute for Economic Research, DIW), Harald Rost (State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg, ifb), Michael Brater, Anna Maurus, Marlies Rainer (Association for Vocational Training and Career Development, GAB)

Publications: Christian Leipert / Michael Opielka, Erziehungsgehalt 2000. Ein Weg zur Aufwertung der Erziehungsarbeit, Bonn / Freiburg 1998; English translation: Christian Leipert, Michael Opielka, Child-care Salary 2000. A way to up-grade Child-care work, ISÖ 1999 as well as numerous book and magazine contributions. Further publications were published in cooperation with the ISÖ under the editor of Christian Leipert: Christian Leipert (eds.), Upgrading the education work. European Perspectives of a Structural Reform of Family and Society Policy, Opladen: Leske + Budrich 1999; Christian Leipert (Hrsg.), Family as a Profession: Workplace of the Future, Opladen: Leske + Budrich; Christian Leipert (Eds.), Demography and Prosperity. In the context of this project, a study by the ISO on the book publication published in the beginning of the 1990s: Heidrun Stalb, Matrimonial Power Relations. A Theory Comparison, Herbolzheim: Centaurus 2000.

The project “Parenting wage 2000” was the highlight of the work of the ISÖ in terms of public response. In its combination of qualitative and quantitative research, the methodological approach represented the ideal of a social-ecological research program.