Fundamentals of Social Aesthetics and Social Art

Period: 1999 – 2000

Financing: Alanus Hochschule Alfter gGmbH
Project management and management: Dr. Michael Opielka
Publications: Arts and Culture in the Welfare State, in: From Politics and Contemporary History, B 12-2003, 21-27; As well as abbreviated as: Cultural policy notices, No. 100, 2003; Also under the title “Cultural policy as a creativity. Reflections on Art in the Welfare State “, in: Kommune, 1, 2003, 87-90, as well as amended under the title” The Aesthetization of Society. Prerequisites and Opportunities for the Promotion of Art and Culture in the Welfare State “, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 24.2.2003, 19; “Where is element three?” Art thinking. Goethe, Steiner, Beuys and We, in: Novalis, 10, 2000, 34-36; Individuality and institution. Three forms of community formation in today’s society, in: the Three. Journal of Anthroposophy in Science, Art and Social Life, 3, 70th ed., March 2000, 45-58.

Since 1987, the extension of the research fields of social policy and social ecology by the Institute for Social Ecology (ISÖ) with the aim of a holistic methodological approach in the social sciences, has increasingly raised the question of social aesthetics and social art. There were first collaborations with Alanus College Alfter through the Gesellschaft für Ausbildungsforschung und Berufsdevelopment (GAB), as part of the project “Education 2000”. They indicated that there are social artistic teachings and practice exercises in the course of their work there, which, combined with the social scientific research experience of the ISÖ, can provide a suitable basis for a systematic project development. In a pilot phase, the research in the field of “social aesthetics” and “social art” was worked out and research questions were specified which allow the application of third party funding for foundations, etc.