Social Sustainability – Kolleg Sustainable Europe (22.3.2021)


Prof. Dr. Michael Opielka (ISÖ), together with Dr. Ulrich Schachtschneider, led a working group on “Social Sustainability” within the framework of the Kolleg Europa 2021 “Thinking Europe Sustainably” of the German National Academic Foundation. The participants consist of scholarship holders of the Studienstiftung as well as international scholarship holders of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. The first block week of the Kolleg was supposed to take place in Stockholm, but was carried out online due to the pandemic.

Here you can find the input, with which Prof. Opielka presented his motivation to lead the working group and its working task: 2021-03-22, Michael Opielka, Social Sustainability – Introduction Working Group 3

Here you can find the powerpoint presentation of the input with which Prof. Opielka introduced a session on the question “Social Europe and Green Deal – where are the connections and similarities between both EU goals?”: 2021-3-26, Michael Opielka, Social Europe and the Green Deal – Kolleg Europe

Here you can find the schedule of working group 3: Work Group 3 – Kolleg Europa 2021 Sustainable Europe

And here are two links to the college as a whole: